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Coffee lovers know that there’s more to a great cup of coffee than just the beans. The roast level can have a big impact on the flavor, aroma, and overall experience of your coffee. Here’s a beginner’s guide to coffee roast levels.

  1. Light Roast: Light roasted coffee has a light brown color and is characterized by a mild flavor and a bright, tangy acidity. Light roasts are usually lighter in body and have a more delicate flavor profile.

  2. Medium Roast: Medium roast coffee is a medium brown color and has a mild, balanced flavor that is not too strong or too weak. Medium roasts tend to have a more well-rounded flavor profile and a moderate acidity.

  3. Dark Roast: Dark roasted coffee is a deep, dark brown color and is characterized by a strong, bold flavor and a smoky aroma. Dark roasts are usually heavier in body and have a lower acidity, making them a good choice for coffee drinkers who like a bold, full-bodied coffee.

  4. Extra Dark Roast: Extra dark roasted coffee is an even darker color than dark roast and has a bold, intense flavor with a slightly bitter taste. This type of roast is often used in espresso and other specialty coffee drinks.

When choosing your coffee roast, consider your personal taste preferences and what you’re looking for in a coffee. Light roasts are great for coffee drinkers who prefer a mild, delicate flavor, while dark roasts are perfect for coffee drinkers who like a bold, full-bodied coffee. Experiment with different roast levels to find your perfect cup of coffee!

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